Meet Steve & Mel 

Steve had 6 super funds and Mel had 4. Their super was slowly being eaten away by 10 separate sets of administration fees. After one phone call to Super Search, Mel and Steve quickly and easily consolidated their Super into the single fund of their choice. They will now stop paying unnecessary fees and start building their Super so they can retire early and go travelling. Start Now

It’s your Super make the most of it don’t waste it!


Funds held within your Superannuation should be viewed as money in the bank. You wouldn’t throw away money so why waste your Super? If you are smart with your Super, we guarantee you will reap the rewards when you retire. Super Search makes consolidating your Super an easy and rewarding process.  Why wait, act now

Super Search operates Australia wide to take the hard work out of finding, comparing and consolidating your Superannuation.

we are a non-institution owned company. Our team of advisers are fully qualified and up to date with the latest industry products and services to ensure your retirement savings are back on track and you are back in control of your wealth.

Superannuation is a long term savings vehicle which aims to provide for you in retirement. While many older Australians receive and rely on the Age Pension, this alone is insufficient to provide for a comfortable retirement.

If you earn more than $450 per month and are aged between 18 – 70 years of age, you are legally entitled to regular and ongoing super contributions equal to 9.5% of your regular earnings.  If you wish to accelerate the growth of your Super, you may choose to make additional, voluntary payments.

Once you reach retirement age, the amount of income received will depend on the sum of contributions paid, the way in which your money has been managed as well as the fees attached to your super fund.

The earlier you take an interest in your Superannuation, the greater your financial reward come retirement time.

Statistics show most Australians have more than 4 Super accounts. Whilst in theory, most of us would like to consolidate our funds and make the most of our money; many of us never get around to doing it. By ignoring lost Super and failing to consolidate our accounts, we are essentially throwing away our hard earned cash.

A staggering amount of rules and regulations govern Superannuation in Australia. Our job at Super Search is to make Super simple. With our help, you will easily find and roll all of your accounts into one easy to manage fund. Remember - a dollar saved on fees is an extra dollar towards your retirement.