BT Superannuation

BT Super funds have been aiding Australians with their Superannuation, Insurance and Investment strategies for over 43 years. BT superannuation funds operate under the financial planning sector of Westpac Banking Corporation and currently have over $90 billion in total investments. This makes it Australia’s largest administrator of superannuation, investments and retirement.
With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that the BT financial group has approximately 550,000 plan members and currently manages corporate superannuation plans for over 23,000 employers across Australia.
BT super has a range of products on offer to assist Australians in savings for their retirement. These include:
• BT Lifetime Personal Super
• BT SolarWrap
• BT Asset Choice
• BT Asset Link
• BT SuperWrap
• BT SuperWrap Essentials
Employers who offer a default BT superannuation fund generally offer the following 2 plans:
• BT Lifetime Super Employer Plan
• BT Business Super
Two Super products of particular interest are:
• BT SuperWrap
• BT SuperWrap Essentials
Both products provides 24/7 online access to a wide range of sector specific managed, diversified managed and sector specific direct investment strategies to select from. Whilst BT Super Wrap Essentials provides access to over 70 managed funds, BT SuperWrap provides access to over 600 managed funds.
The BT Super Wrap Investment Options on offer include:
• Diversified managed investment strategies ranging from low risk/conservative options to moderate – high risk/growth options.
• Sector specific managed investment strategies which incorporate
o Australian shares
o International shares
o Property securities
o Direct property
o Australasian fixed interest
o International fixed interest
o Hedge Funds
o Cash and Cash Plus
Sector specific Australian shares which may include listed trusts, debt securities and Australian shares.